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Polo School

The Banbury Cross Polo School was established along with the club to build future generations of players. The school teaches the importance of riding skills, hitting techniques, horsemanship and respect for the rules of the game. Our polo professional Martin Estrada believes that polo should be fun, affordable and a good experience by everyone with  a desire to learn the game. He is considered one of the best riders in the world, known by all the highest goal players, year round. Drawing from more than 30 years of playing successfully as professional, Martin has achieved the win of the US open in 97' to making and playing top polo ponies that have competed in the highest tournaments in the UK, Soto Grade, Argentine Open and USA, etc.  


The Polo School provides the horse and equipment for beginners.

How to Learn to Play Polo

Steps to Take: (We've got you covered)

1. Choose the instructor that will teach you the correct way so you don't build bad habits. 

2. Take a lesson

  • Private (one on one) - Tailored to your needs, if you need help working with your horse or improving /correcting different swings. 

  • Single Lessons $200 

  • Group Lessons - $150 per player. No more than 4 players per group.

Within the context of lessons we will be reviewing: ​

  • Proper riding & horsemanship

  • Technique of different swings

  • Game Strategy & tactics of the game

  • Proper behavior & game ethics as a polo player

If you would like to learn to play polo or to sign-up for one of our lessons or clinics, please contact us at (833) BBX-POLO or

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